The Mushroom Fairies Mandala

After dark the mushroom fairies come out to dance in the blue glow of the cosmic mushrooms. #cherylcolors Rose Rambo Art Adult coloring pages – Mandalas

My First Adult Coloring Page

  My first adult coloring page was a floral piece of art by Tiffany Schroeder of Random Acts of Coloring. I tested out every coloring utensil I had. Tombow markers, gel pens, some crayons, and a few sharpies.  Psychologically my mind went through bouts of self doubt, worry, and intimidation.  I dont remember coloring being…

Redrewts Liberty Sunshine

Redrewts is creating coloring pages! Support coloring art and the artists who create it. Visit Redrewts on patreon    

A New Year A New Milestone 15,000 Members

Congratulations Adult Coloring Worldwide on 15,000 Members strong. #cherylcolors art by Jeanette Wummel of Roots of Design. A dragon and a unicorn magically rooted in love.  Member Milestone collectors image.  

Get Color Crazy!

Mad cow has a new face and hes colorful! #cherylcolors Art by Dave Weiss. Adults who enjoy coloring in for stress relieving and meditation, or just have fun with color.  

Coloring Psychedelic Art By Chelsea Rose

#cherylcolors art by Chelsea Rose Arts.  #adultcoloringnevertastedsogood #colordangerously #mindblown #thethirdeye Adult coloring worldwide and CherylColors is proud to present Chelsea Rose Arts.  Creative psychedelic art images for adults to colour in. For more information and adult coloring pages visit: Adults who color Adult coloring books Coloring pages for adults Creative artists  

Through The Eyes Of An Adult Colorist #drunkcoloring #winethirty

** WARNING EXPLICIT ADULT LANGUAGE ** DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 OR ARE EASILY OFFENDED.  And coloring the Nick Dolan head image goes like this… Momma: I’m working on the vagina, and I’m making it PINK! CherylColors: no! Not the piiiink! Well I’m working on the mallard ducks and I…

Katie Darden Mandala Color Challenge

#cherylcolors Katie Darden Adult Coloring Mandala artist.   Adult coloring books. #colorchallenge was for primary colors red, yellow, and blue to be used. blackspace and whitespace allowed.  

Christmas Stocking Coloring

#cherylcolros art by Dwyana Stoltzfus #orange and #green with a hint of red whisps.  Coloring a Christmas holiday stocking.