Colorful Colorit Coloring Fun

Colorit coloring books are just wonderful.  They are hardback wire bound books with heavy weight paper making it a joy to color in with all types of media.  Wether you love colored pencils, gel pens, water or alcohol markers Colorit adult coloring books are fun for the whole family.  Images are neutral and happy designs…

Legendary Worlds Adult Coloring Book Kicking It Off Big Time

Legendary Worlds is an epic new coloring book for adults. This book features 80+ beautiful illustrations.  Its an oversized coloring book with high quality paper you’ll enjoy. Legendary Worlds is a revolutionary adult coloring book that will take you on an amazing journey to castles in the sky, crystal caves, underwater realms, prehistoric times, and…

Get Color Crazy!

Mad cow has a new face and hes colorful! #cherylcolors Art by Dave Weiss. Adults who enjoy coloring in for stress relieving and meditation, or just have fun with color.  

Through The Eyes Of An Adult Colorist #drunkcoloring #winethirty

** WARNING EXPLICIT ADULT LANGUAGE ** DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 OR ARE EASILY OFFENDED.  And coloring the Nick Dolan head image goes like this… Momma: I’m working on the vagina, and I’m making it PINK! CherylColors: no! Not the piiiink! Well I’m working on the mallard ducks and I…

Raspberry Lemonade Candy Cane

#cherylcolors art by Dwyanna Stoltzfus #pink and yellow candy canes for Christmas holiday is wrapped in an orange bow. Colored with Bic Mark-its and Copic Ciao markers Adult Coloring Worldwide on Facebook Adult coloring books Free Coloring Pages

Thanksgiving Turkey

#cherylcolors Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page Penny Farthing Graphics Coloring Books: Awesome Animals

Once Upon A Time

A dragon fell in love with a unicorn….. And 11,000 people found their way to Adult Coloring Worldwide on Facebook. #cherylcolors Art by Jeanette Wummel from Roots of Design

Dicebird Mandala For Relaxation

Mandala – a geometric figure representing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. a symbol in a dream, representing the dreamer’s search for completeness and self-unity. Dicebird art mandalas are perfect for relaxing and de-stressing after a long hard day. #cherylcolors Dicebird Mandalas   What is a mandala? The original meaning of mandala comes from Sanskrit meaning “circle.” Although it…