Meet Colorist Cheryl Colors As She Talks About Adult Coloring

Cheryl Colors colorist #cherylcolors
Cheryl Colors colorist #cherylcolors

Coloring and being artful is a wonderful way to express yourself.  With the adult coloring books rage going on right now, its a fantastic hobby to get into.
To color or not to color, that is the question.  Well of course the answer is TO COLOR!!
The thing I love about colouring is it uses our different senses.

  • Sense of sight – A wonderful gift to be valued.  See the colors dance and flow from colored pencils, markers, crayons, and other coloring supplies.  We live for color.
  • Sense of smell – Take a deep breath and breathe in, and smell of crayons! Many of us remember this from our childhood. Or there is nothing like the smell of a new coloured pencil set.  But don’t sniff too hard on those markers, some of them can put you under the table!
  • Sense of Touch – Colorists are in really in tune with this.  Pressure, temperature, itch (we can feel it mentally before it hits the ends of fingers – also known as “colorist crave”), and even pain! You colored pencil colorists KNOW what I’m talking about.  The painful coloring battle bruises from hours and days of Secret Garden, Enchanted Forest, and Lost Ocean books from Johanna Basford.  We love her dearly!
  • Sense of Sound – The scratching of pencils, or screeching of a dry marker.  We are highly tuned into these sounds.  They are dulling and relaxing for some of us, for others it can cause paranoia as family members are trying to watch tv.  Coloring while listening to music adds a deeper concentration.  My favorite is 1970’s disco music.  Its  invigorating and can get your adrenaline going.
  • Sense of Taste – I’ve found that coloring can be a great way to curb the excessive eating that I would normally do while watching tv, or sitting at the computer.
    Does coloring enhance your sense of taste? Its probably one of the lesser used senses for this hobby.  Although I do enjoy a good #winethirty coloring session.  As crazy as it sounds I can color better when #drunkcoloring.  Im more relaxed.  And lets not for get about brownie bites and brownie brittle.  Theres something about chocolate and coloring!

Ultimately adult coloring is about having fun, its about release, and day dreaming again.  I love the adventures that coloring takes me on.  Just as with a good reading book, and great coloring book can take you away to another world.

Im the gal you’re going to have to pry that magic pink sharpie out of my hands when its my time to go.  I love markers markers, all kinds of markers.  Bold bright colorful markers. Bic Mark-Its, Sharpie, Copic, Spectrum Noir, Faber Castell, you name it.  I just cant get enough of them.  Im a speed colorer.  I color fast.  I am far from a perfectionist, and you’ll find me out of the lines all the time.  Life is not perfect. And shading?  I just don’t have the patience for it.  For me, coloring is an artful release from the stress that life can bring, it also is a creative outlet.  I enjoy scribbling #freecoloringpages for people to enjoy.

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