My First Adult Coloring Page

#cherylcolors Art by Tiffany Schroeder of Random Acts of Coloring


My first adult coloring page was a floral piece of art by Tiffany Schroeder of Random Acts of Coloring.

I tested out every coloring utensil I had. Tombow markers, gel pens, some crayons, and a few sharpies.  Psychologically my mind went through bouts of self doubt, worry, and intimidation.  I dont remember coloring being this hard when I was a child.  Here I am an adult and I cant even stay in the lines!
Gradually I analyzed and muttled through all the thoughts and emotions that I experienced while coloring this piece.  I definitely dont remember going through any of this when I was little.

As I look back on this piece now, I see bright bold and beautiful colors! It was fun to color, and THATS whats important about adult coloring.



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