Through The Eyes Of An Adult Colorist #drunkcoloring #winethirty


And coloring the Nick Dolan head image goes like this…
Momma: I’m working on the vagina, and I’m making it PINK!
CherylColors: no! Not the piiiink! Well I’m working on the mallard ducks and I just finished the carrots.
Momma: Did you see the bee under the vagina?
CherylColors: oh yea. What a GREAT image! You know I was regretting this all week, just not looking forward to it. But man, this is a FUN image!!


#winethirty officially starts right now!

CherylColors: To momma::cheers!:: your gonna crawl home.

Momma: wine makes the coloring go smoothly….maybe… LOL

CherylColors: 70’s music is the ultimate coloring tunes to get lost. Hey! This isn’t a cauliflower, it’s TWO MORE carrots! I’ve been getting lost in this guys eyes for the last 2 hours and I never saw the whole vegetable garden! I love it!


Momma on her 2nd glass of moscato: this is one of those images you have to take a break and come back to. (but you’ll notice she can’t look away from it)

CherylColors What are those? Ticks?
CherylColors A ghost! And he’s on top of the carrot mountain! But wait, there’s an antler coming out of a snails butt! LOL I mean, where else are you going to see stuff like this except in Adult Coloring Worldwide!!

Nick Dolan Lol Cheryl! I love reading the play-by-play. Ahahaha.

Disclaimer: Any perceived resemblance to genitalia in Nick Dolan coloring pages is purely accidental, coincidental, or in the eye of the beholder.
I would NEVER draw such things….

Momma: is this a man who drew this?

CherylColors: Oh no we’ve been busted Momma! Nick caught us coloring during #winethirty
Carrie O: You’re freaking cracking me up
CherylColors: Welcome to #winethirty the very best in inebriated drunk coloring
Carrie O: I’m working. No drinking. Unless you count copious amounts of caffeine

CherylColors: Grab a drink and something to color. Post whatever is on your mind. Because what happens in winethirty stays in winethirty!

Momma: I’ve got to do my vagina in pink and red and then change it after the picture.
CherylColors: what?! You can’t do that!
CherylColors: ::Comfortably numb:: No ones walking away from this coloring table! Bartender another refill please

Momma: ::hers suckin it down!:: Fill up them puppies. (Glasses not real puppies) sometimes I’m cross eyed, yet I don’t want to put it down. Music: I’m your boogie man…

CherylColors :: cheers!:: I never get much coloring done when I’m wine-ing.

Momma: it is a reindeers horn on a snail! You weren’t kidding!

CherylColors: Do I finish the garden or go straight to unzipping his head?
CherylColors: Well you know what the admin girls would say…
Momma: yea go straight for the zipper. He’s got a flower coming out of his nostril at the bottom of his chin.
CherylColors: Wha??…
Momma ::in a deep voice:: lemme see your garden
CherylColors: Momma shows me hers. Her coloring, not her garden.
Great flesh tones!
Nick Dolan Coloring at wine thirty should be a TV show. I would watch it!
AngelaColors: Hate I’m missing this. No data. It’s hit and miss. Can only view text as long as it’s not something I have to click on to open.
CherylColors Me: nice eyes. 


Momma: I’ve got to start the garden now LOL

CherylColors: is it hot in here?

Momma: have some more wine.

CherylColors: You know those are dragon eyes! No not those eyes, the other eyes. No not those either, the other ones!
CherylColors: Oh crap! Outta the lines! That’s why you shouldn’t drink and color… NOT! 

Momma: you can’t tell mine, I made a big ol square outta it.

CherylColors: Ok how am I going to fix this? ::throws arms in the air:: and it’s in the white space. 
Momma ::dryly:: that sucks, huh.
( you all can see where we get no whining from LOL)

CherylColors: Drinkin’ colorin’ and laugh in’ ::music:: lean on me…
CherylColors: So what are these omeabas? Tumors, how do you spell ameeba?
Momma: shit you askin me? O-e-m-b-a?
CherylColors: Well that took some time but the omeba tumor will be green because it’s actually a Dragons scale!! Ah Ha! Thought you’d get me Nick Dolan! I got your number! hehe
::music:: downtown Leroy Brown… You don’t tug on supemans cape, you don’t… “Did he say Pee in the wind?”


Momma: SPIT! You don’t spit in the wind, well you don’t pee either, but it’s spit.

Momma: I’m seeing cross eyed. Olivia Newton! Sing it baby! I’ve been avoiding the vagina.
CherylColors: why?

Momma ::dryly:: why?! I don’t know how to dis-color it.

CherylColors: ::laughing hysterically under the table::
Momma:: now with the two penis’ I had no problem. I made them purple. :: she says as a matter of factly::
CherylColors ::laughing hysterically, runs to the sink to spit out my wine:: I couldn’t….::wait for it::: swallow!!!
AnnieColors: Hahaha! Wine snort out nose to be avoided at all costs! Oh I saw those penises. They were the first things I noticed. No flies on me!

Nick Dolan: Hysterically laughing!

CherylColors: Dammit out of the line again!
Momma: have another glass of wine
CherylColors: There’s a corn Cobb coming out of this guys butt…
Momma: laughing
CherylColors: you know what I’m talking about….
Momma: yes……
CherylColors What did you do about the antler and the snail? 

Momma: I’ve avoided it…

CherylColors: Well someone’s gotta color it. What did you do about your vaginas?
Momma: nothin. I keep thinking yellow like candlelight.
CherylColors: ROFLMAO!

CherylColors: Ok so we got bone, snail, and antler, hmmm…
CherylColors: Ok well I guess my vaginas are going to be green. 

Momma: well ok, but I’ve never heard of a green one.

 AnnieColors: I’ve only heard of sideways ones
Nick Dolan in Vegeworld, anything is possible!
CherylColors: What a great world it is! Thank you nick for the wonderful peek inside!

Julie A: so cool…love the colors

AnnieColors: It’s an Aussie vagina!!!!

CherylColors: Ok the legs on the ticks have got to go

Momma: I colored my carrot brown, it looks like a turd. Cute little turd, little baby Ruth.

AnnieColors: Hahaha!

CherylColors: ::crying from laughing so hard::

CatherineColors: I would so love to color with you and Momma. Seriously that would be worth traveling lol

Nick Dolan I wish I had video of this to post on my website. “Want to know what its like to color a Vege-image? Well lets tune into coloring at wine thirty with CherylColors and her Momma”
CherylColors: You’d be surprised at all the artists we have mortified with #winethirty. Thanks Nick for being a good sport. Your image was a BLAST to color!!
AnnieColors: Mortified? Terrified would be a better word! I think we scared one of them away for life.
Nikki D: Wow. I have been sitting here for the last 2 and a half hours coloring one of Nicks images and missed all of this. Lol…..

AnnieColors: I missed it. I missed it all.

CheryColors Check it out! coloring pages from the vegedex!

vegedex :: an otherworldy coloring book for bizarre beings

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  1. Annie Colors says:

    My only regret is that I wasn’t awake to participate in this AWESOME interaction of paper, markers, pencils, fine art and alcohol!


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