Tip Toe Through A Coloring Dream

Phee McFaddell clown ballerina coloring page

A colorable frame adds a finishing touch to an already exquisite image.  One that is full of billowiness and fun.  Small details finish off this
piece.  A dream to quietly color and lose yourself in.
#cherylcolors Phee McFaddell ballerina clown with BIC Mark-Its.

Violet: The color meanings of violet indicate divinity, peace, tranquility and enlightenment.

Indigo: Indigo color is about psychic tuning, contacting the ephemeral, and connecting with spiritual vision.

Blue: The color meanings of blue point to thoughts, ideas, dreams and the ability to convey them.

Green: Color meanings of green often point us in the direction of growth, healing, love, giving, and inspiration.

Yellow: Yellow color radiates themes of centralization, focus, awareness and reminds us of our role as humans within the context of the whole.

Orange: Orange is a sign of equalization, balance and temperance.

Red: red is about activation, physicality, passion and intensity.

Black and white indicates a heavy reliance on structure, uniformity and order.


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