Colorful Colorit Coloring Fun

Colorit coloring books are just wonderful.  They are hardback wire bound books with heavy weight paper making it a joy to color in with all types of media.  Wether you love colored pencils, gel pens, water or alcohol markers Colorit adult coloring books are fun for the whole family.  Images are neutral and happy designs…

Join The Colorit Coloring Club

Check out ColorIt’s new sister site Coloring Club where you can get 30 downloadable drawings each month for just $4.99. This is a great option for those who don’t want to invest $15.99 in a coloring book, or who want new drawings to look forward to each month! Everyone gets a free 30 day trail!…

Pigment Adult Coloring App iPad Google Play Android Digital Color

Pigment is a fun and colorful way to color digitally on everything from Apple iPads, iPhones, google play and android devices. Many adults love to digital color daily, its a quick way to get your color on.  The Pigment app  has a pretty big following for those who like to color with apps.  Its great…

Cheryl Colors Anne Manera Coloring Page

Today I colored and jumped into Anne Manera’s patterns with markers color a long event.  I started off with the purple and pink fine liners during the live video event.  One way to color in spaces is to create patterns within the spaces giving your coloring an abstract design to it as I did on…

Legendary Worlds Adult Coloring Book Kicking It Off Big Time

Legendary Worlds is an epic new coloring book for adults. This book features 80+ beautiful illustrations.  Its an oversized coloring book with high quality paper you’ll enjoy. Legendary Worlds is a revolutionary adult coloring book that will take you on an amazing journey to castles in the sky, crystal caves, underwater realms, prehistoric times, and…

Get The Green Out With Aerie

Aerie North is a wonderful artist and teacher.  I love what Aerie represents – in art, conservation, sharing, and just being an all around wonderful person. A very good mentor and positive person. Sign up on the mailing list at #cherylcolors #aerienorth #mandala #green #BringTheBeesBack

Spread The Love With Valentines Day Coloring

Adult Coloring Pages for Valentines Day.  Colored using BIC Mark-Its, and Tombow Brush Marker Pens. Valentines day heart, love valentine, and a love struck cupid delivering valentines day news of cheerful coloring.

Adult Coloring Worldwide Hits Over 20,000 Members!

February 2nd, 2016 Adult Coloring Worldwide hit the 20,000 Member Mark! Colorful adults colorists coloring books, pages, and supporting the artists that created them. #cherylcolors #samanthadeckercolors #zonacolors #mommacolors #dinacolors #nedracolors #shereecolors #catherinecolors #bevcolors #barbaraanncolors #freeadultcoloringpages #dragons #unicorns #owls #doodlecoloring      

Ancient Shaman Coloring With A Twist

Shaman: a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits, especially among some peoples of northern Asia and North America. Typically such people enter a trance state during a ritual, and practice divination and healing. Barry Mandot Messer’s Coloring Book “Shamans” is just an all around fantastic…

Going On An Elephant Safari

This past weekend I went on an elephant african safari with Gayle from The masked elephant image was a nice creative distraction.  Colored with BIC Mark-Its and Tombow brush pens. #cherylcolors #gaylesfineart #elephant #safari #adultcoloring